Trying to make Sense out of Non-Sense

I was married in 2001 and I was 19 years old to Kevin.. I thought I knew what love was and I thought I was in love… HAHAHA OH how young and dumb I was… First of all I was NOT emotionally ready to be married to anyone… I married for the wrong reasons, even though I never seen it at the time.   He wasn’t a bad man, but neither one of us were equipped for what it meant to be married… I think that is what triggered things. 

Our  marriage started to fall apart in about 2004 and in 2005 I started having these crazy dreams that I knew were NOT true.   They were coming every single night like clock work. I would wake up freaked out because it was so disturbing.  The dreams depicted my stepfather raping me.  I knew he had never done that to me, as that is not the kind of man he is no matter his flaws when I was a child.  Every night though I closed my eyes and there would be the dream.  It made me have anxiety attacks both day and night.. One day driving home from work I had a COMPLETE panic attack and don’t know how I even got home.  My friend came and picked me up, drove me to the ER because she was afraid it could be something more major it was such a bad panic attack.  The more the dream came the more I panicked, the more i panicked the worse my anxiety was all day.  The dreams made no sense to me and trying to make sense of them was frustrating.  I felt there was a message I should be getting, little did I know that the message they were sending would send me into a dark place I would struggle with for a long time to come.

One night I went to bed and in came the dreaming.  Only this time the dream wasn’t my step dad.  That night I opened the door to my grandmothers house and BAM there he was, GENE! He chased me all through my grandmothers house in my dream, laughing this laugh that was just eery and sick.  See my grandmother’s house was built to where each room kinda opened into another, like a big circle.  It felt like I couldn’t get away.  Little did I know that is just the fact of sexual abuse.  You never are truly gonna get away from what has happen to you, the choice is learning to cope with it. 

When I woke up from that dream all I could do was cry, as every single dirt road and violation came tumbling back to me.  UGH as I type that I can feel the panic set in, funny how it still to this day sends me into a little bit of discomfort..  I remember telling Kevin and there just not being much of a reaction from him.. By this time we were pretty disconnected.. But I decided it was time to tell my mom.  Secrets would eat me up otherwise.  So I told her, of course she was devastated and many other things.  The only person I couldn’t bring myself to tell was my biological dad.  I wasn’t ready for that just yet for a lot of reason.  Mostly I was scared of his reaction.  Would he blame me? So I put that off for a later date. 

I divorced and remarried a great man named Chris. We started a family together and got custody of his youngest daughter.  Things seemed to be going well. I was still thinking “I GOT THIS” but that would be tested. The unthinkable has happened and everything has changed.  Chris and I will never quite be the same, neither would our family.  We would look at people more skeptically and trust would be forever broken!



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